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I gasped when I saw the naked breasts of an Asian woman. Room were magnificent and so was she. Each time I looked back, I saw more of her body. But it was nothing compared to what happened when she came into the main part of the store. I walked a few paces behind my wife as we strolled through clothing store after clothing store. She wasn't looking for anything in particular like I would have if I had gone shopping.

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It was as if she were facing me, like an eye chart in the optometrist's office. To get the correct distance, the doctor reflects the image that's behind you into a mirror you're facing. To you, it seems like the letters are in front of you.

The dressing room with mom

It was the same with the dressing room mirror. It was as if the woman was facing me.

All I saw were two breasts with dark, fat areolas. The image was so clear that I felt like reaching out and placing my hands on those breasts.

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All of a sudden, fear of discovery overcame me so I averted my eyes. With the brief image of those breasts burned in my mind, I sat on the ottoman staring into the main part of dgessing store. Unable to resist, I turned back. And it was worth it. Whether I was looking at a reflection or the real thing didn't matter.

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I was staring at the profile of the woman, completely naked except for a pair of tight, black bikini panties. It was a voyeur's dream to look at a woman only a few feet away wearing nothing but panties and not knowing she was being watched. Nothing but golden skin on a body with great tits that stood out on their own, a flat tummy, hips providing an hourglass figure, round butt, and thighs and calves with just the right definition. And of course the panties that no one was supposed to see.

Dressing room sex stories

It was like peeking into her bedroom window. I again chickened out and turned away. I didn't want to, but felt the need. The dread of being caught made me look away.

Dressing room curtain

However, my willpower wasn't strong enough so I looked again. She now wore a bra. Her sez were covered, but she was bending over which gave me a great view of the black panties stretched across her ass. I ogled the lush curves of her buttocks and the bit of crack peeking from the top of her panties. When she stood up I reacted and looked away, but not for long.

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I was drawn back to the gap in the curtain. The woman stood erect, fluffing her straight black hair as it bounced on her shoulders. And then she stared into the mirror as she smoothed her shirt. My eyes dropped to her crotch. I said earlier that I was not a breast man.

I've always been intrigued by the crotch area, and seeing even a glimpse of panties under a girl's skirt was a major turn-on. Maybe it's because it's the area a woman would most carefully protect from being seen. So dresxing puffiness of her tight panties covering her pussy was a real turn-on.

My eyes were drawn to it like a paperclip to a magnet. I even leaned forward to be sure that I saw a few dark hairs poking out from the leg band. A part of me realized I had been staring for a long time so I glanced up. Our eyes locked. There was no doubt she was watching me looking at her.

Dressing room sex stories

She looked at me with nervous eyes and I nodded to her indicating that it was fine with me for her to have a little fun. I think she was more nervous of the big dicks starting to grow now around her. They were not talking any notice of me in rroom doorway. Another guy came in from behind me and closed the door and locked it.

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The guy who unbuttoned her jeans pulled them down to her ankles and the big guy picked her up out of the jeans. He then took her shirt off and she was standing there in her underwear. They now touched her body and her legs and thighs.

Dressing room sex stories

The big guy touched her ass from behind and moved his right hand around her waist and into her panties. She gave a slight moan as I could see his hand moving down in her panties and touching her wet pussy. His fingers were almost as big as my dick and I could only imagine that his dick must be enormous. One smaller guy climbed up on the bank beside her and removed her bra.

He started kissing her in the neck and sucking on her nipple as he messaged her other tit.

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She enjoyed it very much as the guys were touching her legs and tits and ass and the big guy were fingering her with his banana thick fingers as the others were cheering him on. The big guy was now fingering her pussy from behind as the others were touching her body. They all, or most of them had erections now as they desired to fuck her.

Dressing room sex stories

The big guy told them not to worry, because everybody was going to get a change to fuck her. I assumed he was the captain of the team. Another guy came in dreessing the two guys and moved his dick into her face. The big guy collected a bundle of towels and put it room her on the bank. She climbed back on the bank and went down on her knees on the towels. She was now in a doggy style position as she still sucked the sex in front of her. The other guys were cheering and laughing and dressing her.

She said we had to hurry because she needed to be at work in a couple hours so I slipped on some cloths as she went into the bathroom doing her hair, makeup and then slipped on her work cloths which I guess consisted of a black, tight dress and high heels. We got into the car and headed to a big department store where I followed my quickly walking mom around as she stories me cloths after cloths before we made out way She sat down on the bench telling me to turn around so she could storirs the pants.